Oct 19, 2021

MIEFF screening of my film 'Turo' in London

Screening of my film ‘Turo’ as part of MIEFF (Moscow International Experimental Film Festival)
in London at Pushkin House curated by Dmitry Frolov


Wednesday, 20 October 2021
7:00 pm 9:00 pm
Pushkin House
5a Bloomsbury Square London England United Kingdom

The urban environment is a heterogeneous space, a place where different cultures, classes and voices connect or collide. Any big city is always in the process of transformation, changing its appearance and redefining the lives of people in it. Interestingly, memory is structured in a similar way — a fluid and unstable substance, full of failures, distortions and frequent substitutions. Historical discourse can be used by dominant ideologies to construct a social reality that is comfortable for them, but it can also serve as a source of knowledge that helps to resist this pressure and find people their place in time.  In the Whirlpool of Histories consists of films that reflect on personal and public stories in the context of the urban landscape as a multidimensional cultural space.



- Pebbles
 / Mikhail Zheleznikov 
 11 min | 2018

- Three Dimensions of Time
 / Pim Zwier
   14 min | 2016

- Turo
 / Anton Ginzburg   
35 min | 2016

- 27а / 
Daria Likhaya
   17 min | 2021

- The City Bridges Are Open Again
 / Masha Godovannaya
   10 min | 2020

- Q&A with Dmitry Frolov   
15 mins