Aug 23, 2021

Dresden series exhibition

at the Color Theory Collection (Sammlung Farbenlehre) of the Kustodie of the TU Dresden 

August 23-September 10, 2021

Anton Ginzburg (*1974 in St. Petersburg, lives and works in New York) is the second scholarship holder of the artist residency at Schaufler Lab@TU Dresden since January 2021. In addition to selected objects from the archive of Farbenlehre collection, his show DRESDEN SERIES presents around 40 gouaches created during Ginzburg's two-month stay in Dresden. 

The basis for the painterly series works is an algorithm that generates geometric structures, which are then modified and developed in the artistic process. In the figurative sense of a diary entry and documentation of the Dresden residence, Anton Ginzburg painted a composition determined by color and form every day, each in the same format and — conceived as a progression — processing daily impressions. Architectural and scenic moods of light and space, literature from Color Archive, and references to his research on-site appear as abstracted compositions that vary from day to day. Also, allusions to objects from the Mathematical Models Collection and the Color Theory Collection of the Kustodie of the TU Dresden are taken up and expanded. In addition, Ginzburg is intensively involved with architecture-related art in the GDR, particularly the Formsteinsystem, developed by the Dresden artists Karl-Heinz Adler (1927-2018) Friedrich Kracht (1925-2007) in the late 1960s for designs in urban spaces. Their modular system inspired Ginzburg to further develop it algorithmically in his works on paper.