Mar 25, 2021

Commission for Kunst-Station in Wolfsburg, Germany (Hauptbahnhof)

Commission of a temporary mural for train station in Wolfsburg, Germany


While developing a temporary site-specific installation for Kunst-Station, Wolfsburg, Germany, I was interested in
addressing what Daniel Buren defined as the "scene of production" — a relation to artwork's setting and the process of 'making' rather than a representation of anything but the work itself. I decided to use computer technology within the artwork as an idea or a machine for making art. Generative design is a method of producing artwork with programmed algorithms. I wanted to keep perceptual austerity to balance the conceptual structure and to discover poetic shifts and playfulness using algorithms and scripts. The artworks are then printed on paper and installed, and as a result, the project aims to transform the visitor’s experience of Kunst Station space and its context.