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Partial Eclipse at Fridman Gallery
Partial Eclipse
at Fridman Gallery, New York / October 20 - November 20, 2019

Fridman Gallery is honored to present Partial Eclipse, the product of a yearlong dialogue between New York–based artists Anton Ginzburg and Dasha Shishkin.

Informed by Exquisite Corpse — the surrealist game merging disparate ideas and images to form unexpected wholes — the artists employ collage, chance, and humor to reveal unanticipated relationships between their artworks. Though using seemingly different formal vocabularies, the artists share many themes and interests, with an eye on traditions of Russian Futurists and avant-garde artists, writers, and musicians, including collectives of the 1920s and 1930s, such as the multidisciplinary OPOYAZ and OBERIU.
The artists’ process uses the gallery’s physical space by creating color fields and surprising spatial relationships between viewers and artworks. Unusual juxtapositions between different works in the gallery are ongoing experiments of structural and formal methods, where images are not simply stand-ins for objects but objects themselves. Downstairs, Anton Ginzburg will present a video A Million, a documentation of three people publicly counting one million banknotes. The duration of each video/performance is as long as it takes to count the money.
The exhibition’s title, Partial Eclipse, reflects this method between the two artists — and between artists and viewers — 
of continually concealing and revealing unexpected forms and meanings in a dialogue between two bodies of works of the artists.
An illustrated catalog with an essay by Katya Tylevich will accompany the exhibition.

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