ML CRSH, 2021 - 2021

HD video, Music by John Blackford / Preview clip 0'8"

ML CRSH, 2021

3:26 minutes,
HD video, sound
Music by John Blackford

(Preview Clip, 0'8")

“ML CRSH” is a video work that was developed using a 3D gaming engine environment for self-driving vehicles. The AI algorithm was used to apply the database collection of photo materials and textures of Dresden to the 3D models, causing unpredictable digital artifacts. The initial video was inspired by the “Media Burn” 1975 performance organized by Ant Farm collective, where a customized Cadillac drove into a wall of flaming television sets. Translating it into today’s digital environment of “database logic” of new media objects and employment of AI, it features a montage of crashes of autonomous vehicles into digital replicas of art objects. The artwork turns its focus on the proliferation of database and AI technologies and disrupts its patterns with an iconoclastic gesture of a crash.

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