Selected Exhibitions
Surface at Contemporary Calgary, Canada

Solo Exhibition at Contemporary Calgary, Canada. (03.13-06.16, 2024)
curated by Kanika Anand

Anton Ginzburg: Surface
is a reflection on the use of technology as it relates to cultural labour, data aesthetics and machine learning. By employing algorithms to expand on the formal elements of art, its consumption, and transmutation, Ginzburg underlines the ever-evolving meaning of representation, data visualization and automatization in our digital age. The three bodies of work presented, deliberate on surfaces that range from the architectural to the digital screen and beyond, and are especially relevant to the growing conversations around the role and ethics of AI.

The 2D paintings in the Yerevan series, the 3D sculptural forms in Film Forms and the 4D (moving image) generated video in ML CRSH, all use algorithms to comment on the role and agency of algorithms themselves. And in so doing, they articulate the patterns and relationships that define what we now know as ‘algorithmic culture.’ What are the hierarchies and narratives that these systems perpetuate and grow, and what do they reveal about larger data networks within which they play a part?

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