Jul 20, 2017

Moscow International Experimental Film Festival 2017

Screening of “Turo” in programme of

Moscow International Experimental Film Festival


July 20-23, 2017

at Electrotheater StanislavskyAddress: 23 Tverskaya Street, Moscow

The official selection features 30 short films from 21 countries, including USA, Great Britain and Russia. The programme is divided into 7 sections, the discussions will take place after each screening. The jury will announce the winners at the closing ceremony.

The Stanislavsky Electrotheatre is located in the heart of Moscow, on Tverskaya Street 23, and was founded almost a century ago in 1915 as one of Moscow’s first cinema palaces — the ARS Electrotheatre. After the revolution it became home to Konstantin Stanislavsky’s opera and drama studio, and not long after that, the Stanislavsky Drama Theatre. The symbolic legacy of these three locations, a cinema, an opera studio and a dramatic theatre, has been fully endorsed by the Stanislavsky Electrotheatre as it launches a new era.

Program 7
July 23 (Sunday), 4:30pm

Return to Forms by Zachary Epcar, And If in a Thousand Years by Patrick Hough, Asbestos by Sasha Litvintseva and Graeme Arnfield, and Turo by Anton Ginzburg