Aug 24, 2016

Moscow International Experimental Film Festival 2016

1st Moscow International Experimental Film Festival is the first in its kind in Russia. The venue is a new location – an actively expanding platform “DK TRYOKH-GORKA”.This educational institution aims at uniting cultural communities and nurturing the broadening spectrum of its audience.

Several Moscow musicians will create a musical structure based on the film of Anton Ginzburg “Ultraviolet” independent of the original score of Mischael Pisaro. The visual sequence of the film will be treated as a score. Building the structure, musicians will divide into two parts. Kirill Shirokov, a soloist, will closely follow the visual “score” of Anton Ginzburg, while the ensemble will generate long notes and pauses between them, reacting to the audio lead of the soloist.

Performers: Sasha Elina, Kirill Shirokov, Sasha Sobeev, Vladimir Gorlinski and Maria Marchenkova!mieffclosing/pg5ib