Aug 03, 2022

59th Venice Biennial Public Program

I am pleased to announce that I was invited to be part of the official public art program as a visiting artist and speaker of Uzbekistan National Pavillion at the 59th Venice Biennial, which includes research and screening of my film 'Walking the Sea".

press release:

“The Panoptic Garden” is organized by Sara Raza, NYU ITP, and Andris Brinkmanis, NABA, and is a one-week intensive public program that focuses on transcultural themes relating to the garden as a discursive space through the lens of utopia, heterotopia, and dystopia. Designed in response to the 59th International Venice Biennale “Dixit Algorizmi—The Garden of Knowledge” the intensive poetically addresses algorithmic thinking and bias from a human-centric and non-Euro-American centric perspective. Through the metaphor of “world-building”, the program questions colonial historical narratives, assumptions and optics.

Employing both on and offline components it offers both a site-specific and site-responsive program of land cultivation/ gardening, workshops, talks, radio program, walking tours and supper club. The program takes into account the theme of surveillance and the role of algorithms in control over global citizens, via the implementation of AI and the emergence and rapid development of quantum computing, and investigates its links to Western ideology and history.