Apr 09, 2016

Kuenstlerhaus Dortmund, Germany

Group Exhibition “Mirrors” at Kuenstlerhaus Dortmund, Germany

In eleven positions Mirrors deals with different facets of mirrors and mirror-like reflections. Starting from its materiality to issues of real spaces and surfaces, the exhibition opens up the view to look at ideas and projections.

Participating artists:

Sophie Erlund (Berlin)
Philipp Fürhofer (Berlin)
Anton Ginzburg (New York)
Heike Kabisch (Berlin)
Gereon Krebber (Cologne)
Timo Kube (London)
Claudia Mann (Düsseldorf)
Thomas Musehold (Düsseldorf)
Dorothea Nold (Berlin)
Linda Sanchez (Madrid)
Katja Tönnissen (Düsseldorf)

Organized by Adriane Wachholz