Apr 12, 2015

Images Festival / Toronto

Screening Pan on Sunday April 12 at 9pm at
Art Gallery of Ontario/Jackman Hall in Toronto.

Only Believe Things That are Easy to Understand

Between states of bewilderment and structure, the works in this program speak to variations in knowing. From geological time to human time, the scope of understanding ranges from the universal structures of music, colour and mathematics to the intangible connections of inter- personal relationships.


Color Neutral
Jennifer Reeves
(2014, 3 min, 16mm)

Only Believe Things That Are Easy To Understand
Gary Kibbins
(2014, 7 min, Digital Video, Canada)

1221 AMOR
Julie Tremble
(2014, 13 min, Digital Video, Canada)

F For Fibonacci
Beatrice Gibson
(2014, 16 min, 35mm, 16mm and Video on Digital Video, UK)

Anton Ginzburg
(2014, 6 min, 16mm, USA)

Peter Dudar
(2014, 14 min, Digital Video, Canada)

Winter Hof
Dan Hudson
(2014, 3 min, Digital Video, Canada/Germany)

About the Images Festival

Established in 1987, the Images Festival is the largest festival in North America for experimental and independent moving image culture, showcasing the innovative edge of international contemporary media art both on and off the screen. Images has presented thousands of vanguard media-based projects in its 28-year history and is committed to an expanded concept of film and video practice.