Sculpture and Objects
Sky Columns II (Blue) and Polychrome Columns, 2016

Sky Columns II (Blue), 2016

Glazed Porcelain and steel structure. Size: 120 x 7 inches, each of two parts

A tall sculpture positioned in the center of the gallery, Sky Columns II, is formed of two porcelain poles, each of which consists of six blue ceramic modules stacked on top of each other. The gradation of blue, most intense at the top and lightest at the bottom, is reminiscent of ceramic tests of color saturation or photographic exposure tests, and alludes to the transformation of the material (clay) into the illusion of color (sky).

Polychrome Columns, 2019

Polychrome Column 10A_01, 2019. Porcelain with steel structure and base. 10 ft × 7 inches (diameter).
Polychrome Column 10A_02, 2019. Porcelain with steel structure and base. 10 ft × 7 inches (diameter).

Polychrome Columns, which are constructed of polychromatic glazed ceramic modules, gesture beyond the confines of their fixed space, and a pre-determined stance of the viewer vis-a-vis their placement. Kobro and Strzemiński argue that “color, coming in contact with space, emanates the force of its energy into it. The influence of color in space could be said to stretch all the way to infinity. Color subdues space and radiates into it.” This evokes a sensation of relations, triggering a notion of multiple potentialities, precisely in those places where one plane abuts the next, in the modules of the columns, divided into different fields of color.

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