Sculpture and Objects
Ashnest, 2011

Ashnest, 2011

Mammoth tusks, painted polyurethane,
iron rods, resin, ash, bronze slag, sand
Size: 170 × 158 inches (432 × 400 cm)

Ashnest is a serpentine sculpture that emerges from a vast, centrally positioned circle of ashes five meters (over 16 feet) in diameter. Sculptural elements, some up to four meters (13 feet) in height, rose from the circle of ash and debris held by steel rods, in a similar manner as anthropological museum presentations.

Fragments of 40,000 year-old mammoth tusks were juxtaposed and combined with sculptural elements developed from the micro CT scan of the human bone and reproduced in three-dimensional polyurethane structures. In a manner common to scientific practice, these objects were made whole based on computerized approximations of their original forms in combination with artistic invention. The resulting sculpture the embodiment of an alternative history, evoked a palpable sense of the mystery surrounding the origins of the elements. Ashnest conveyed a feeling of the after effects of disaster and collapse.

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