Works on Paper and Editions
Zaum/ESL, 2017

Zaum/ESL, 2017

Eight works from a Zaum/ESL series. Anodized prints on aluminum, each 12 x 24 in.

Ginzburg casts a contemporary glance at the broader pursuit of the protagonists of Soviet internationalism as embedded within modernist aspirations worldwide: the search for a universal language. Ginzburg’s starkly contemporary series of anodized aluminum prints entitled Zaum/ESL, play on (dis)junctures between the Cyrillic and Latin alphabets of Russian and English, further asserts deep ties between the zaum (trans-rational) poetry of the Russian avant-garde and its Western counterparts. At the same time, these prints invoke today’s globalized world where pursuit of universality and fluid communication collides with the unsettlement and limitations of displacement.

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