Paintings and Murals
VIEW Series, 2018 - 2019
VIEW, Series 3A, 2018-ongoing

Small Size:
VIEW_3A_01, VIEW_3A_02, VIEW_3A_03, VIEW_3A_04, VIEW_3A_05, VIEW_3A_06, VIEW_3A_07, VIEW_3A_08.
Pigment and acrylic on wood. 25.5 × 36 inches.

VIEW Series
, is a collection of abstract compositions on wooden panels. Their geometry is based on diagrammatic representations of the binocular field of human vision.

In smaller-scale works, different planes of color overlap and intersect with each other, demonstrating the figure and ground perception within each work. In larger works, Ginzburg draws on the effects of the movement of color through space. Collectively, the VIEW series analyzes the act of viewing and demonstrates the process through the material practice of painting.

VIEW, Series 5A, 2018-ongoing

Large Size:

VIEW_5A_01, VIEW_5A_02, VIEW_5A_03, VIEW_5A_04,
Pigment, acrylic and oil on wood. 37.5 × 60 inches.

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