Constructivist Drift, 2016
5 minutes, sound, digital video
Clip, 1:25 minutes

Constructivist Drift is based on the writings of Ivan Chtcheglov Formularly for a New Urbanism, 1953, a poetic manifesto published by Situationist International as a response to the advancement of Modernism, and its confrontation with the human dimension of the city. Video footage is projected onto a concrete wall. It superimposes passages from the New Urbanism text with current video recordings of Soviet architectural environments: from Ivan Leonidov stairway in Kislovodsk to Soviet panel buildings and surveillance screens in Moscow metro. A scene of the constantly photographed plastic encased Malevich's "Black Square" becomes a metaphor of the ideals of Modernism placed in the sarcophagus of mass culture. The voice of a woman speaking from a projected screen is drowned by the noise of the city. The natural change of light that occurs throughout the film's duration acts as a structural device. As twighlight changes into the night, the brutalist buildings in the background become silhouettes and eventually disappear into the black screen.