Programs, live performances and collaborations

Art & Music Pairing
(with Houston Symphony Orchestra organized Liam Bonner)
Musical performance of Houston Symphony musician Louis-Marie Fardet (cello), in concurrence to my solo exhibition “Construction Proxy” at Barbara Davis Gallery, Houston

Screening of film Ultraviolet and live performance with Michael Pisaro at UCLA / James Bridges Theater. Program of MIEFF in LA (December)

, screening at the Moscow International Experimental Film Festival with live performance of musical composition by Kirill Shirokov and Sasha Elina.
Performers: Sasha Elina, Kirill Shirokov, Sasha Sobeev, Vladimir Gorlinski and Maria Marchenkova.


Turo, premiere with Dallas Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Karina Canellakis,
Soluna Festival, curated by Anna-Sophia van Zweden and Muriel Quancard

Screening and collaboration with Daniel Neumann: “Aural Shadows In The Absence Of Trees” at Fridman Gallery, New York

Screening of film Ultraviolet and live performance with Michael Pisaro
Michael Pisaro performs “Ultraviolet Transmission”, a new composition for electric guitar and electronics. This is an extended version of Violet Transmission, originally commissioned for, and performed at, James Turrell’s Twilight Epiphany pavilion in Houston.

Screening of  End of Perspective_HG/SSNZ and live performance with Gust Burns of his compositionHG/SSNZ (hear-stripe is the surplus of nature’s aura in its erasure).

It is a response to End of Perspective, and collaboration between Gust Burns and Anton Ginzburg.  Performed by cellist Meaghan Burke and Gust Burns on laptop and turntable, with a video component created by Anton Ginzburg.

Screening of End of Perspective and live performance of Daniel Perlin
at Fridman Gallery, New York